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Audio Recordings of Samuel M. Elazar


These files are digital versions of audio cassettes made by Samuel M. Elazar.

Samuel Elazar collected Ladino music as sung by members of the local Jewish population of Sarajevo and other parts of Bosnia.


These recordings provide audio records for some of the songs whose text Mr. Elazar compiled in his work  "Jevrejsko - Španjolski Romancero" ("El Romancero Judeo-Español"), published by Svjetlost, Sarajevo, and published in a second edition by Alliance Israélite Universelle, Paris.

While the sound quality of these recordings may not be at studio levels, it is hoped that the material therein is useful in preserving this important cultural treasure.

Note: Cassette sides 2b and 7b are blank and not included here. Contents that are not clear are marked with question marks.

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